I’m building this website.
I have a few ideas on what I’d like to do with it.

For the content, here’s a few things:

  • talk about music: listing my favourites, reviewing them, inventoring my CD collection;
  • talk about my favourite cinema & tv
  • talk about tech projects I find interesting
  • talk about the evolution of the website itself

This post is part of that last category(see tag #meta).

Beyond content, I’d like to build this website on the principles of the IndieWeb. A free and open web is something I feel strongly about, and the technical challenge is motivating.

I’ve started on this track already, by adding rel=“me” links to my other online identity profiles(see the icon links at the top right corner).

Next, I’d like to

  • Add support micropub API to use apps to publish and manage my posts
  • Add full indieauth support
  • Add an h-card.

Might create a page to track these ideas, something like a checklist or even an embedded issue tracker.

I’ll try to make a new post on each major milestone.

Peace out.