About me

My name is Charles Langlois.

I am from Quebec, currently living in the city of Montreal.

My primary natural language is French(as in “French Canadian”). I also speak English more or less fluently.

I am a tech enthusiast with a focus on the software world.
I studied computer science at Université de Montréal, and have been working as a programmer for about 4 years.

My other interests include music, cinema (movies & tv shows), literature(occasionally).

About this website

I’m planting my flag, building myself a home in the digital landscape[^1]!

While most personal content is now created and published through social media and other third-party hosted web platforms, a personal website offers a more complete ownership and control over both the content and the presentation(at the cost of more effort and a few bucks). And there’s no limit to what you can do(other than how much time and effort you’re willing to invest).

This is my first real attempt at building my own personal site, on my own personal domain, on my own virtual private server. The possibilities seem endless!

I plan to add content relevant to my interests, add links to my other online digital personas, and publish this site’s content to other alternative webspaces, like IPFS, hyperdrive.

I also plan to make this website indieweb-compatible. I support an open and free web which promotes diversity of content, user experience and technological foundation through practical interoperability.